Monday, May 3, 2010


"The Loop"
18" x 24"
Oil, Acrylic Gel transfer on board

I recently started a new series titled "Windows".
The idea has been gestating for quite some time.

Window symbolize change for me.
A future. A past. The great unknown and the beloved memory.

And on the other side of the windows are home.
The symbol of comfort, safety, acceptance.

So…the gel transfer images of old photos convey the dream of the future and memory of the past. They feel nostalgic and that is how I feel. But they are also represent hope and the excitement of looking to the future.

"Times Square"
24" x 36"
Oil, Acrylic Gel Transfer on board

For the interior spaces, I began using Bonnard's beautiful interiors as my inspiration.
They are so inviting.

Now I am using my own living room as my source and am in the process of finding other spaces that feel personal and represent "home".

In process -
"Don't Forget to Call"
36" x 48"
Oil, acrylic gel transfer on board

"Windows" came about from the transitions in my personal life.

My oldest daughter left for college last fall and I have been dealing with the usual sense of loss. Not just for her individual presence but for the family unit that my husband and I have treasured for 18 years. We have 3 kids and they have been a joy. Having our 5-some break up was not something I welcomed!

My 17 year old daughter is right behind. I just took her to look at schools. So, the sense of our family changing is pretty pervasive. And let's not mention the aging parents…

But these are the fuel for this series. And I know they are very universal for people regardless of your age. The pull of home contrasting with the need to grow and explore.

I will be posting this series as it develops. As above, sometimes I will post an image while the work is in progress. I know it's fun to see a painting "grow".

I welcome any thoughts along the way.

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