Monday, May 31, 2010

smART show

Today's the smART show.

I went down to the Flatiron to hang the show yesterday.

If you're planning to come see me I'm relatively easy to find. Kevin Lahvic, the man in charge, was kind enough to put me right next to his studio on the second floor. Basically 2 left turns from the staircase and a quick right and there I am!

One of the biggest challenges with the Flatiron is that the hallways are so narrow that when you hang large pieces there's no room to step back and see them. And I always hang large pieces.

Here's an idea of what my set-up looks like…See what I mean?

If it rains, as it's supposed to on Saturday, The Flatiron will be a perfect weekend getaway to stay dry, get a wet (plastic) glass of wine and lose yourself (literally) in a maze of art. Improvements have been made to the building with new hallways and studios, so if you haven't been there in a while, there's a lot to see!

I am really frustrated that I don't have more of the new series to hang. I've been painting "Windows" in oil and with the frames being hand painted, as well, the dry time is just not cooperating. The two pieces that I did hang yesterday are getting a lot of great attention so I am confident that this series will be embraced. Just missing my fast acting acrylics at the moment!

For those who are interested, here are the semi-dry works that haven't gotten their walking papers yet:

So remember, 1579 N. Milwaukee.

Corner of Milwaukee-Damen-North
6-10pm tonight
12-10pm tomorrow
12-6pm Sunday

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