Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today I went to the School of the Art Institute's Fashion Show.

For those of you that don't know, every May the SAIC has a fabulous fashion show highlighting the final projects of the sophomore, junior and senior classes.

My mother is an alumni of SAIC and has a dear friend from those days who was head of the school for years and is still very active in the arts and each year she hosts my daughter and me as her guests at the show. As my daughter will be studying fashion design somewhere starting the fall of 2011, this show has become a very serious event in our life.

This year's show was held in the lobby of the Modern Wing at the Art Institute. Most of the clothes are very conceptual, not meant for actually wearing. The show is always a wonderful experience.

Afterwards, I took my daughter through the Modern Wing for the her first time. Maybe it was all the school groups crowding the rooms but it felt like such a let down since my last visit.

I had read that the wing had been recently re-arranged and that my favorite room housing Kerry James Marshall's paintings had been taken down but it seemed as though most of my favorite pieces were missing. I want my Peter Doig back. My Lucien Freud.
I even miss the stupid Jeff Koons sculpture that leads into the gallery on the second floor
and the wallpapered room filled with cat litter bags!

At least we got to see the Matisse exhibit.
Some beautiful pieces that especially spoke to me
as I develop this interior series.
Unfortunately, no photos allowed.
The image below is lifted off the internet.

I am eager to get back to the studio.
Really enjoying creating a large piece
based on my own living room.
And tomorrow, I'll take photos of some new spaces.

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  1. i'm a sucker for a good blog....enjoying yours!
    i look forward to seeing your new work. it's nice to hear the excitement in your (writer's) voice.