Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Beginning

Welcome to my blog.

I've been pretty low-profile for the past year, working on working. Trying new directions, getting a lot of feedback from professionals in the industry and doing a lot of experimenting and thinking.

But I realize that process is a huge part of being an artist and those of you who follow my work may be interested in that process. So I will begin here to journal life in the studio, the occasional life outside the studio, and of course, opportunities to see my work in the public.

The studio is actually quite large and I share it with two other artists.
Their space is at the other end.

My studio mates have 3 dogs that they bring every day.
I've been starting to bring my 2 dogs to the studio on some days, so often we have 5 dogs in the space! It's hard to tell if we're artists or running a kennel. And of course, my dog, the papillon, is the one dog that causes trouble. He's got a bit of a Napoleon complex.

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